Different Types of Wet Food Decoded

Different Types of Wet Food Decoded

Sep 21, 2021
10 min

Cats, and some dogs, are known for being such fussy creatures. And this fussiness extends to their food choices. No, they don’t care about how their food looks.


When food is offered to these picky eaters, these finicky cats and dogs usually sniff it before deciding whether to eat the food on the bowl or not. If the smell is not appealing enough, they won’t have second thoughts about walking away without even tasting the food. The aroma is very important, especially for cat foods. This is because, with their 65 million scent receptors, cats have an extremely keen sense of smell. Thus, when it comes to their choices of food, cats rely heavily on their olfactory (smell) sense, how they pick up the food, and how the food feels inside their mouth. In addition to the scent, the texture of pet food is also an important factor in whether your pet will wipe his bowl clean or turn up his nose and walk away without a bite.


What influences a picky cat or dog food preferences?

A primary factor that can influence their food preference is the type/s of food the cat or dog was offered while as a kitten. Eating experiences can also have a marked influence on their food choices.


Ideally, cats and dogs should already be exposed to both dry food (kibble) and different types of wet foods while still very young. Both kibble and wet food have various health benefits. Kibble helps keep the teeth free from plaque and tartar because it exerts an abrasive effect on your pet’s teeth and gums during chewing while the high moisture content of wet food helps you’re your pets well-hydrated and prevent dehydration.


If there are several pets in your household, you may find that they have their food preferences. Experts say that food texture preferences are instinctive. Thus, some cats and dogs prefer more chunky bites while others love flakes.


Types of wet food

Fortunately for your picky eaters, there are now a wide variety of wet or canned food products that come in various texture options. These textures include the following:


1. Chunks

The meat chunks are immersed in a thick sauce. Small shreds of meat may also be present in the mixture. Shop the full range of chunky wet food here!


2. Flaked

The product is usually made up of fish that is sliced in thin, long, and flat pieces and served in broth. These are usually found in cat wet food only. You may shop the full range of flaked canned cat wet food here!


3. Gravy

This is composed of a thick gravy base with small pieces of meat in various shapes and sizes. This type of gravy wet food is the best as a topper and mixer and great for picky eaters. They are typically served with chunks.


Monge grill pouch wet food for dogs


4. Minced

This is prepared using meat that is chopped into tiny pieces and served in light gravy. This is one of the common types of wet food. Get some minced cat wet food here!


5. Sliced

Compared to the minced version, the meat slices are wider, longer, and flatter. The meat slices are generally of the same size. It is typically served with a light gravy. Sliced wet food is usually made for cats and you may purchase it here!


6. Pate

This is a type of wet cat food with a consistency that’s uniformly smooth and spreadable. There’s a firmer type of pate and the creamier kind. This is also one of the most common types of wet food in the market. Purchase a can of pate wet food here!


7. Puree

This is usually done in homemade pet food. Meat is placed in a blender and added with water to produce the puree. It is, however, more rampant in the commercial industry and you may find puree wet food on perromart! These are great for young kittens or senior cats. The most popular brand for puree cat wet food is Aixia!


aixia kenko puree cat wet food


8. Shredded

It contains meat that has been shredded into thin, long slices of varying widths and served with light gravy. Some popular brands include Kit Cat, Absolute Holistic, Monge & Kakato. Shop the full range of shredded wet food here.


Absolute Holistic Rawstew wet food for cats and dogs


9. Broth

The soup or broth is transparent and savory. It contains fish, meat, or chicken that is finely shredded. This is best used as a topper for complete and balanced pet food (wet or dry food). Get your hands on some broth wet food here.

If you have the finickiest of pets, it may take some trial and error before you find a pet food that satisfies his taste. Take note that sudden changes in your pet’s diet should be avoided as it can possibly cause digestive upsets. A gradual introduction is important so that your pet’s body has enough time to adjust to the new food.