Daycares To Send Your Pets To In Singapore

Daycares To Send Your Pets To In Singapore

Sep 21, 2021
10 min

Dogs that were bred as working or sporting dog breeds usually don’t get as much exercise as they need in Singapore. Without the necessary exercise, they gain weight and become bored and destructive. These habits include tearing up furniture and other household items; barking noisily and incessantly; and even tunneling through floors or garden beds. So how do you combat this and keep your dog happy and less anxious?


Take him/her to doggy daycare. All the reasons mentioned above are why pet owners send their furry kids to dog daycare. There, they can spend time with other dogs and handlers so that they don’t get anxious or lonely or anti-social. You should know that there is a difference between pet boarding and pet daycare. At pet daycare, your dog stays with them for the hours you are at work. When you close from work, you pick up your fur kids. At pet boarding, your dogs can stay there overnight. While some dog daycare centres offer pet boarding as well, not all do this. If you are looking for dog boarding services, inquire to find out if the daycare centre offers those as well.



Below is a list of some of the best dog daycare centres in Singapore!

1. Sunny Heights

Located at 110 Turf Club Road, Sunny Heights is a dog and cat daycare that also offers pet boarding. Before your pet is accepted for daycare, it undergoes an evaluation test with the handlers. Once it passes, it can become a regular at the centre.

The check-in time is 8 am, while check out time is 4 pm or 6 pm, depending on when you can pick your pet up. At check-in, your dog is checked over for any wounds or bruises, ticks, lumps, or bald patches. The day is divided into activities to keep your dog engaged and active. There are “pack walks” where the dogs are grouped according to size and taken for long or short walks. They get to play games with the handlers outdoors, swim in the pool, and get a blow dry.

At the same time, your dog is taught how to be patient and wait for their own turn. Your dog will be well-fed and allowed as many naps as is deemed healthy for them. Moving back indoors, the dogs will be supervised as they play together, and bad habits will be spotted and corrected. At closing time, they will be checked again before they leave with you.



2. Up For Paws

Up for Paws is located at 31 Eng Kong Terrace, and is a great place to take your dog if you have to go off to work for long periods of time. Up for Paws has handlers who are professionally trained to take care of dogs, as well as provide first aid for them.

They offer daycare and dog boarding, pack walks, games, naps, and grain-free doggie treats (which are the best kind). Interviewing your dog beforehand is mandatory at Up for Paws, and once your dog is accepted it will have the time of its life anytime they are dropped off at daycare. There is limited space at the centre, though, so you have to contact them early own to book space for your furkid.



3. Doggie Retreat

At Marine Parade, Doggie Retreat is exactly what its name implies: a doggie retreat. They accept dogs of all sizes, and the fees for them differ according to size. However, they do reserve the right to accept or reject any dogs for daycare as they see fit.


4. The Wagington

This luxury pet hotel and resort is at 27b Loewen Road and is a chain of hotels and resorts dedicated to taking care of providing luxurious accommodation for your dogs. All dogs that have fulfilled their vaccination requirements, and have passed their personality test, are welcome at The Wagington.



5. The Snuggery

At 13 Lichfield Road, The Snuggery is an awesome daycare centre for your dogs to stay while you focus on your work. They provide boarding for pets as well, with limited slots. If your dog is a regular at the daycare centre, it will have priority for pet boarding as well. All dog sizes are accepted, and they all get to socialize, exercise and are well supervised by professional dog handlers.



6. Ginny & Friends

Ginny & Friends at Number 9 Thong Soon Avenue is a dog daycare and grooming centre that truly values your pets and is committed to making them feel at home. On their website is a fun list of facts detailing why your dogs need daycare. They also have webcams that let you see what your dogs are up to in case you miss them.


7. Wanderlodge

Upper Bukit Timah is where this daycare and dog boarding centre is found. Wanderlodge provides a home-away-from-home environment for your dogs, making sure they are relaxed and get all the exercise they need.

All these daycare centres have prices, ranging from S$30 to S$60 for small and large dogs respectively. They also provide transportation from and to your residence for a fee, which is calculated based on the distance. All of them have websites where you can fill out forms if you want your dog to become a daycare resident with them. Doggie daycare is a great idea for you and your dogs, so you should take the opportunity if you haven’t already.

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