Cheap Dog Treats – The Best And Affordable Ones

Cheap Dog Treats – The Best And Affordable Ones

Sep 21, 2021
9 min

Treats are more than a way to show your love to your canine buddy. Some treats are healthy while some contain ingredients that are harmful or even potentially toxic to dogs. It is best to observe our furry buddies to see which treats they happily respond to and take note if their diet requires special care. Some of the most common types of treats for dogs include fresh or raw fruits and veggies, dog biscuits, freeze-dried and jerky treats, animal bones and hooves and homemade dog treats.

Benefits of treats

Treats can be used to provide positive reinforcement to reward desired behavior and motivate your pet to learn and perform well. Some treats, such as rawhide chews, are made to last for a longer time, giving your dog hours of chewing pleasure. This is an excellent way to prevent boredom. However, always closely supervise your dog while he is chewing rawhide because when the rawhide becomes soft, it can break into smaller pieces that the dog may swallow. Small pieces of rawhide can become potential obstructions in any part of the digestive tract.

Certain treats are formulated to address certain conditions. Dental treats are formulated to contain ingredients that can scrape off plaque and tartar from dog’s teeth. Joint supplements such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to support joint health.

You can also use your pet’s favourite treat when giving medication. Just pop the pill inside the treat and offer it to your dog.

How can I reward my dog but still keep costs low?

Treats need not to be expensive. A good way to save money is to make dog treats at home. By doing so, you have the freedom to choose what ingredients to use and how the treat is prepared. Among the top favorite DIY dog treats are peanut butter treats, frozen treats, and fruit treats. Here’s a mouth-watering recipe for Frozen Apple Treats using Delamere Milk and Dog-friendly Banana Pancakes that can be sprinkled with Woof Super Blend Digestion Sprinkles and Absolute Plus Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil for added benefits.

Treats are important tools for dog training. It is one way of providing positive reinforcement and to mark desired behaviors. It is suggested that the best treats for dog training are small, soft, and dry. It should be small enough to be swallowed without much chewing so the dog won’t be distracted while in training. For treats to keep your dogs entertained stick or strip types are popular as it can be munched by dogs. Here are some of the best affordable treats that you can feed your dog, whether for training or other purposes.

1. Pooch & Mutt Calm & Relaxed Training Dog Treats

Your dog will love these hand-baked mini bone treats that are made up of lamb, chamomile, and l-tryptophan. Chamomile is known for stimulating feelings of relaxation, while l-tryptophan is known as the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter.

2. Wanpy Freeze Dried Chicken and Fruits Dog Treats

This low-calorie, high fiber treats are a great addition to your pet’s daily diet. Freeze-drying preserves the nutritional contents of the ingredients. This is also a great way to introduce fruits to your pet’s diet.

3. Darford Naturals Cheddar Cheese Minis Dog Treats

This treat is formulated with ingredients that won’t upset your dog’s tummy. Made with real cheddar cheese, these bone-shaped tasty treats are often dogs’ favorites. You won’t find any corn, soy or meat by-products in these treats, no artificial colors, preservatives or ingredients from Asia

4. Absolute Holistic Grain Free Salmon Steak Jerky Dog Treats

This best seller is a tasty and healthy treat. It is made with real deboned salmon meat, that is rich in omega fatty acids to support a healthy skin and coat.This treat is also free of any chicken or chicken by-products so it is suitable for chicken sensitive dogs.

5. Jerhigh Bacon Stick Jerky Dog Treat

This treat contains vitamins, fibre, carbohydrates and minerals and is a wonderfully appetizing snack. It is made of pure chicken meat and is carefully prepared to provide a pure, tasty and highly digestible meal. Made with real chicken meat, contains vitamin D3 help to achieve strong bones and teeth.

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