Cat Litter Box Types On A Budget

Cat Litter Box Types On A Budget

Sep 21, 2021
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When cat parents are shopping for litter boxes, they always have one thing in mind– getting a cat litter box that can keep odors away effectively without putting a dent on their budget. Although they have been designed for the same purpose in mind, litter boxes are not created equal. Some are better at odor control than others. There are litter boxes with covers and without covers, as well as self-cleaning automatic litter boxes. Whatever type you choose, make sure that your furball will love it too. After all, it’s your pet cat’s preferences that should come first before anything else or you’d end up having a ‘white elephant’ in the corner, not to mention having to deal with inappropriate elimination issues which can certainly be messy.


Types of Litter Boxes

1. Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

While it is a type of litter box that is every cat parent’s dream, the self-cleaning (automatic) litter box is not always accepted by every pet cat. The sounds that the mechanism of the box makes can spook them off.

With a self-cleaning litter box, you do not have to deal with daily litter box maintenance although you will still have to empty the waste compartment eventually.

The cost of this type of litter box is higher than a simple litter pan or box and is the most expensive out of the different types. Some designs require you to buy disposable trays and special litter for the boxes, which can eventually add up to the cost.


2. Covered Cat Litter Box

Also called “hooded” or “enclosed” litter boxes this is popular with cat owners because it prevents odor problems. The cover of the litter box effectively traps odor inside, which means the box needs to be cleaned more often compared to an open litter box.

However, there are certain problems that might come with using this litter box type. A large cat may find the space inside the box too small for comfort and will not use it. In multi-cat households, it would be easier for a dominant cat to lay in wait to ambush the cat that is using the litter box. Also, as the odor is trapped inside the box, cats will likely do their thing elsewhere other than their litter box.

The cost of an enclosed litter box is quite average. Despite being more expensive than an open cat litter box, if your cat is willing to use it, it is a good way to keep odor to a minimum.


3. Open (Uncovered) Cat Litter Box

One reason why an open litter box is so popular with cats is they can see their surroundings while doing their business. Without a cover, a cat can easily get in and out of the box. It is easy to clean and inexpensive too! But it has also its downsides– it can be messy and there can be a problem with odor control.

The cost of a open cat litter box or a pan litter box is the cheapest option for a household litter box.


4. Disposable Cat Litter Box

This type of litter box is usually made from 100% recycled paper or cardboard. It is popular and most often used when bringing cats on out-of-town trips. Many cat parents also prefer to use this type of litter box at home or as a second or back-up litter box. The box can be used for about 1-4 weeks after which it can be disposed of properly. Being made of biodegradable materials, it is environmental-friendly. The more expensive types have an odor-prevention coating. The box can be filled with any type of litter. Some are already sold pre-filled with biodegradable paper-pellet litter. Disposable litter boxes are available with or without cover and in different sizes. When it comes to whether using the box can be financially feasible, this litter box type tends to be more expensive than the non-disposable ones since you will constantly be buying new ones.


5. Sifting Cat Litter Box

This type is ideal for cat parents who hate scooping litter. So how does a sifting litter box work? You lift and move the litter pan that results in the separation of the clumps from the clean litter. But this can only work with clumping litters. Sifting litter boxes are available with or without cover.

If you are on a budget, it is not an excuse to compromise quality with quantity. There are cat litter boxes in Singapore that are cheaper than most but still get the job done with breaking the bank. Here are budget-friendly cat litter boxes that you should check out:


Stefanplast Furba Chic Cat Litter Tray

This is a type of sifting cat litter box known for its unique litter removal system. It comes with 2 removal litter trays and a strainer. To use, remove the outer rim, lift the strainer, and sift the waste from the litter. There’s no need to use a litter scoop because you can simply dispose of the waste from the strainer straight into the bin which is more hygienic and cleaner. It also makes litter removal much easier and more convenient.


cat litter boxes and scoops


Also, choosing the type of cat litter that fits your cat litter boxes is important and helps prevent improper elimination. Find out all you need to know about cat litter here!