Cat Hotels In Singapore

Cat Hotels In Singapore

Sep 21, 2021
5 min

Worrying about where to board your kitty-cat while you’re away for work or vacation? Fret not – these cat hotels in Singapore are all about making your feline friend feel at home away from home.



1. Catopia

Catopia allows your cat to feel right at home! The caring staffs and cats-only environment will make sure your cat enjoys her vacation as much as you do. Wet and dry food will be provided at no extra cost. Feel free to bring your cat’s food to prevent any upset tummies.

Price starts from $20.

Website: Catopia



2. Cats Lodge

Exclusive to only felines! The premium home-based cat boarding service, Cats Lodge is dedicated to providing comfortable ‘home away from home‘ experience for your cat. The dedicated staffs make sure your cat is well-treated along with genuine care and love, and most importantly, they offer the option of choosing your room either shared or private.

Price starts from $40.

Website: Cats Lodge



3. Kittycare Haven

Offering short and long term cat boarding in Singapore, this is truly a home away from home, quality pet boarding service for your feline friend. Spacious and comfortable, each standard room can accommodate up to 4 cats from the same household while each deluxe room can accommodate up to 8 cats from the same household. Both air-conditioned and fan-cooled rooms are available – they allow you to choose what fits your budget!

Price starts from $15.

Website: Kittycare Haven



4. Nekoya Cat Daycare & Boarding Hotel In Singapore

Offering 5-paw accommodations designed to meet the boarding requirements of your furry friend, Nekoya Cat Daycare and Boarding Hotel is the purrfect home away from home for nekos. The friendly and caring staffs will make sure your cat receives all the extra tummy rubs, cuddles, hugs and all the extra!

Price starts from $35.

Website: Nekoya Cat Daycare & Boarding Hotel In Singapore



5. Wanderlodge

Wanderlodge’s boarding facility offers a stress-free and relaxing home away from home for your feline friend when you need to be away on vacation, business or an emergency. Huge space to roam and climb, social time, private play time……there is nothing for you to be worry about!

Price starts from $30.

Website: Wanderlodge