Black Friday Buying Guide – Pet Personalities

Black Friday Buying Guide – Pet Personalities

Sep 21, 2021
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[Edited: 19 November 2020]

Black Friday is just a few days away, and the biggest question that is on everyone’s minds: what to buy on this day! With a sea of options and a limited window to get the best deals possible, shopping on this day could feel like a daunting task. Moreover, shopping for pets can feel even more tedious when you are unsure of what your pets want! This is why, cue victory trumpet, we have prepared this buying guide for you: to help you focus on what your pets might need specifically based on their personality types so that your purchase decisions can be made easier. Let’s get started, shall we?


What is your pet’s personality?

Dogs and cats are very much like humans. They possess distinct personalities, which is why they behave and respond differently to varying situations. Having a good grasp of your pets’ personalities can go a long way in understanding their behaviors, preferences and how to properly train them. Check out a few of these distinct personalities to see which personality group your dog or cat belongs to.


The Dominant Pet

confident dog


A dog’s body language can reveal a lot about his confidence. Confidence makes dogs stand out from the crowd because they are born leaders and they thrive well with frequent interactions and bonding with other dogs.


But with confidence comes dominance. Dogs are social animals and they instinctively form social hierarchies, with dominant members of the pack occupying the upper rungs of the social ladder. If you have a dominant dog, proper training will put him in his place. Obtain a durable leash like the ones by Paw Made, or a harness to rein him in when he lashes out or exerts his dominance onto you, but also be sure to pair positive reinforcement with toys or treats for good behavior. This will eventually make him realize that you are the leader of the pack.


Cats with dominant personalities can be a challenge to deal with as well. They can be frustrating and stressful especially if you have no idea how to deal with them. They tend to hog food, toys, the litter box, or other household resources like bowls, which can become a big problem especially in multi-cat households. If there are other cats in your home, it might be a good idea to have a multiple of each item around your home. This will make less dominant cats more comfortable and less anxious when eating, drinking, playing, or doing their business in the litter box as they would not have to compete with the dominant cat.


You’d be surprised to find that your small pet can also turn out to be a dominant pet! As the saying goes, “never judge a book by it’s cover”. Some of our small animal friends may look tiny, but they can be as strong headed as a bull! Between our rabbit friends, they even tend to assert a form of social hierarchy, with the dominant rabbit gaining access to everything without having to put up a fight. If your rabbit’s a dominant and strong headed one, its better if you keep it occupied with some interactive toys or treats to prevent it from throwing a tantrum. 



The Timid or Neurotic Pet

timid cat


Shy or timid dogs are more comfortable taking the “backseat”. They tend to be nervous when they find themselves in situations that are strange or unfamiliar. When you are trying to introduce new things or environments to your timid dog, do so gradually with a lot of positive reinforcement such as small treats, praise, and encouragement. Take note that timid dogs tend to become nervous and anxious when they are in a loud and chaotic environment. They can also become aggressive when forced in situations they are not comfortable with, so be sure to calm them down with calming collars or calming treats like Beaphar’s Collar and Smartbones Calming Care treats.


Timid and neurotic cats tend to be skittish, anxious, or highly-strung when placed in socially stressful situations. They tend to be insecure, suspicious, or shy with people especially ones whom they are not familiar with. When faced with anything strange or unfamiliar, they won’t waste a second looking for a place to hide. Treats, sprays and collars, such as those from Beaphar, that calm them down are recommended during training to keep their temperament down.


If you’re training a cat with a neurotic personality, you should create an environment where there are plenty of places to hide and seek refuge. You can place a brisky cat tunnel, a sizeable cat house, an empty drawer, or a cardboard box throughout the house. When they have places to hide in, they won’t feel as vulnerable or fearful. This can go a long way in helping them build self-confidence and smooth-out their nervous streak.


Many of the small pets, such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs seem to fall under this category. After all, small pets are prey animals in the wild. As a matter of fact, being timid and skittish would actually benefit them a lot in the wild, helping them detect any potential danger and escape from deadly predators! Your little timid friend could be seen often looking really scared and nervous. This could largely be because they’re not used to your presence. To help your furry friend feel more comfortable, its important that you help them get used to your presence by leaving clothes or other items with your scent near them! You can also get them some toys to keep themselves occupied.


The Free-Spirited Pet

lone dog


Some canine breeds are wired to live, act, and think independently. These instincts can be triggered by certain situations or environments. Dogs that are independent may form strong bonds with people whom they acknowledge as the alpha leader. They tend to bond with one person and won’t be as close and comfortable with other people. They are comfortable being alone and may even appear to be aloof and distant.


Independent dogs may show signs of aggression when they are forced to be friendly or over-social. In order to train them successfully, the right motivation is needed. Try experimenting which positive reinforcements can motivate your dog. These can be in the form of treats, a walk around the block, or some extra playtime. They also tend to explore and roam on their own, so be sure to stock up on products with a higher protein content like Nutrience dog food, as well as super-comfortable beds by Paw Made so that they can recharge their energy fully to be able to do what they love.


Extroverted and free-spirited cats are outgoing and very curious. They thrive with lots of physical and mental stimulation. If you have an extrovert cat, you should walk the extra mile in enriching your cat’s environment. These cats can easily get bored. With nothing to keep them busy and occupied, they’ll become bored and develop destructive behaviors in an effort to find ways to vent their pent-up energies. To keep your cat busy and entertained, give them plenty of interactive cat toys such as Paw Made scratch posts, chew toys, and teaser cat toys from KONG.



The Friendly (or Over-Friendly) Pet

cat patting cat


These are your typical tail-wagging, uber-friendly pooches. They get along well with people, other dogs, cats, and other pets. Without proper training or positive avenues to burn excess energy, they can be overly enthusiastic. And while everyone wants a friendly dog, a high-spirited Labrador retriever or golden retriever can easily knock over small kids. These dogs need proper training and conditioning, such as fetch exercises, to keep them calm when meeting people. Consider investing in a tough and durable leash to rein them in, much like the dominant dogs, and be sure to enrich the training process and provide encouragement with your pet’s favorite dog treat or a new dog toy on hand.


Agreeable cats are the life of the party; they are the social butterflies, friendly, and get along well with other cats. They are always on the lookout for opportunities to show affection with a friendly meow or a headbutt. These cats make great pets in multi-cat households and are not afraid to share with other pets. They can even help to save on food and litter costs in the long run — look out for large shareable foods like Ciao Chu Ru Jumbo Mix and shareable litter trays like Paw Made’s Litter Tray to maximise your savings.


By understanding your pet’s personality, and by extension their pain and gain points, you should have a clearer idea of what to purchase this Black Friday that would address these points. Here’s to a fuss-free shopping experience this Black Friday!


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