Best Birthday Presents For Your Pets

Best Birthday Presents For Your Pets

Sep 21, 2021
11 min

Birthdays are one of the most important milestones that humans look forward to celebrating each year. But it’s not only the human members of the pack that have birthdays; pets should also get to have their birthday paw-ties, too! Here are some awesome ideas to make your pet feel extra special during the most important day of his year.



1. Toys, toys, toys

Your pet’s birthday is a reason to splurge on some of his favorite toys. Does your pet love balls or soft cuddly toys? Wands or fishing rod toys? There’s such a wide array of cat toys or dog toys to choose from. You can easily let your fingers do the walking and check out the best-selling toys in your favourite pet store. Know what your pet likes best and be sure to choose only pet-safe toys.


Toys for cats and dogs


2. Pet-friendly goodies

Mouth-watering goodies, anyone? Yes, you can make a pet-friendly birthday cake using baking ingredients from your pantry, such as eggs, whole-wheat flour, baking soda, etc. For an added nutrient boost, you can blend in some shredded carrots and other veggies. For toppings, you can choose from peanut butter, cheese, or even blended bananas.

For cats, you can make a no-bake fish cake using canned tuna, pureed sweet potato, and some rice flour. Mashed potatoes can then be used as topping for the fish cakes.

There are many pet-friendly recipes that you can find! You can also offer some of your pet’s favorite treats in a goody box or basket. Alternatively, check out how to make a birthday cake for your pets here!



3. Ice cream

Nope, this is not your real ice cream because it could upset your pet’s digestive system. But you can whip up some pet-approved ice cream using ingredients that are common pantry staples. One tasty and popular iced delight is made of blended bananas mixed with yogurt and peanut butter that is frozen overnight. Chicken or beef broth ice pops are also all-time favorites. Just pour the broth into a mold, freeze, and voila! Yummy ice pops!

Alternatively, make your own strawberry pupsicles! Great for both dogs and cats.


Delamere Dairy Whole UHT Goats Milk 33oz (1L)


4. Party get-up

If you’re looking for the perfect chance to dress your pet cat or dog, why not on his birthday? You can make a pet party hat using non-toxic materials, such as construction paper, foam paper, etc. Shape it into a cone and decorate with pet-safe coloring pens, tassels, pompoms, etc. You can also go shopping online for stylish and colorful party wear designed specifically for dogs and cats. Check out these colorful bandannas and scarves, hoodies, and bow ties!



5. Pet furniture

Bring on some excitement to your kitty’s indoor playground with new kitty furniture, such as a cat condo, cat tree, or new scratching posts. Or you can create a new window perch for your furball and hang a bird feeder outside to give him hours of interesting stimulation while basking under the sun’s warm rays. Your kitty would surely love to have more vertical spaces to spend time in, why not consider adding some more?

As for dogs, a new fluffy bed, dog house, or dog sofas and chairs are awesome gift ideas. Or you can install a doggie door that you’ve always wanted your pet to have. If you have a senior dog, give him some extra love with an orthopedic bed for his aching bones and joints.


beds and mats for cats and dogs

6. Specialized pet wear

If your pet has anxiety and phobia issues, why not get him that shirt with a dramatic calming effect? It’s designed to apply a gentle, constant pressure to help relieve anxiety and induce a calming effect. It’s available for both cats and dogs, too!

An elegant lacy bow tie or one with colorful flowers will surely be a hit for your fashionable pet.


accessories for dogs and cats birthdays, bow ties, bandanas, shirts

7. Catnip treats

If your cat is reactive to catnip, celebrate his birthday with some catnip extravaganza. You can give catnip in several ways — fresh leaves, catnip toys, catnip treats, or catnip bubbles.


catnip toys for cats

8. Pet portrait

You probably have an album bursting with photos of your pet cat or dog. Why not mark your pet’s special day by hiring a professional photographer to take a picture of your pet with, and without the rest of the pack. Check out the local pet photographers in your area. You can also ask other pet owners for recommendations.



9. Pamper your pet

Make your pet’s birthday extra special with a little pampering. Have an extra-long play session and/or cuddle session that both of you will surely enjoy.


Or you could treat your pet to a relaxing and body-invigorating body massage. Ask your vet for a professional pet masseuse who makes house calls.



10. Go on an adventure

Spending time outdoors is something that most pets look forward to. You can take your favorite canine buddy on a trail hike or go camping. For your furball, his birthday is a good excuse to try something new like going for a leash walk.



11. Treat your pet out to dinner

What better way to celebrate your pet’s birthday than wining and dining at pet-friendly restaurants near your place! 



12. Donate to charity

Make your pet’s birthday count by sharing your blessings. Instead of splurging on toys and other presents for your pet, why not consider donating to the local animal shelter or charity in your pet’s name? Check out this list of cat shelters in singapore and dog shelters in singapore!

Indeed, there are so many fun and meaningful ways to show your love to your pet. Your pet’s birthday is definitely a reason to go all out and make your cat or dog the happiest pet around.


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