9 Fun Things To Do With Your Cat While Staying At Home

9 Fun Things To Do With Your Cat While Staying At Home

Sep 21, 2021
7 min

It’s a trying period for the whole world. Some countries are on lockdown while the majority of us are working from home. If you’re stuck at home during this period or quarantined at home with your cat, here are 9 fun things you can do with your cat! Watch us go through these 9 super fun activities on this video or continue scrolling!


1. Homemade Games

There are loads of fun homemade games you can DIY. This time around, we decided to do a spin on “whack-a-mole” and made holes in a recycled cardboard box! Please do not whack your kitty though! We had loads of fun interacting and playing with our kittens! If you’re interested in making cat toys out of household items, check this article out!


2. Cat Scratchers

Most cat owners are no stranger to cat scratchers. Get yourself some cat scratchers and watch them have fun! If you do not have a cat scratcher at home, simply use a cardboard box or order a cat scratcher from an online pet store!


3. Play a guessing game!

Hide a treat in one of your hands and let your cat pick the correct one! We recommend using dry treats such as Kit Cat kitty crunch to prevent a messy game! Check out this range of biscuit and crunchy treats for your cats!


4. Hide & Seek!

This does not need much explanation. Simply hide behind a door or behind your couch and call for your cat! We failed at this but had loads of fun still laughing at ourselves!


5. Treats, treats, and more treats!

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ snack? Feeding your cat these treats will surely help them bond with you as well! We recommend snacks like Ciao Churu or Kit Cat Purr Puree. These cat puree stick treats are sure to make your cat fall in love with you!


6. Give your cat a massage!

If your cat is as lazy as Charlie, he will definitely love a good rub. Just look at those sleepy eyes! (Watch our video for this!) We recommend starting from the top and working your way down! Massage between and around the ears, followed by the back of the neck. Give some good old scratches at your cat’s tailbone – he will be unable to resist it! Charlie lovesss getting his tummy and paws rubbed, but not all cats do, so approach these areas with caution! Finish by scratching under the chin.


7. Teach your cat some tricks!

Who says cats can’t learn tricks? They are just as smart as dogs! Watch Charlie give a paw on command! And it’s the first time we are teaching him! You may use your cat’s favourite treats to motivate him a little more!



Dancing is a great way to distress and what better way than to do it with your beloved cat? You might see a disgruntled face though..but still! No harm is done. Simply switch on your favourite music and off you go!


9. Give your cat a hug

Super simple. Give your cat a big fat hug or simply cuddle together while sharing a movie or when you’re on Netflix.

Go try your paws on these 9 fun things now! Feel free to share it with us via our Instagram channel, or holla if you’ve more suggestions! Have fun and stay safe, everyone!