9 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50 Your Dog Will Absolutely Adore

9 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50 Your Dog Will Absolutely Adore

Sep 21, 2021
8 min

Don’t know what to buy for your dog this Christmas? Under a budget constraint? No time? We totally get it. So we’ve put together a selection of some really cool Christmas gift ideas that will literally make your dog’s holiday season!


1. Harmony gold Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed:

Here’s a bed you’re gonna have a hard time getting your dog out of on cold mornings. Made from memory foam, this dog bed claims to be the best budget bed there is in the dog market. At about $40, they make a compelling offer and your pup gets comfort beyond his wildest dreams.


2. Red Dingo dog collars

Spread some yuletide cheer this Christmas with a Red Dingo Dog Collar, which are made with premium nylon webbing, solid stainless steel D-rings and trademarked buckle bone side release buckles. If that doesn’t channel some serious Christmas spirit to your canine friend, we really don’t know what will.


Classic martingale dog collars are available in four sizes to suit any dog, no matter what size or breed. At $8 a piece, we think they make the perfect gift to give all your dog owning friends and acquaintances for Christmas. Click here to get it.


3. Martha Stewart Moose Applique Crew for Dogs:

Going at $16 a piece, these doggie-jumpers can be found at Martha Stewart’s exclusive retail locations or online. With an oh-so-adowable design that will earn your pet “awwws” from all over, this sweater makes it to the top of doggie christmas shopping lists with effortless ease.


4. Bone Wooden Training Board:

This great new toy from tjmaxx.com is a steal at $15.99. It offers an ergonomic and doggie-safe build coupled with a clever

algorithm that keeps Fido active in pursuit of hidden treats. A certified favourite with dogs across breeds, this one doesn’t need selling.


5. Kruuse BUSTER DogMaze Bowl:

Make treat-time more productive for Fido with this food bowl that tests his brainpower by pushing treats into holes at varyinglevels of deep passages. This one’s gonna get your pooch’s brain working and keep off dementia or inactivity.

6. Absolute Bites Air Dried Dog Treats:

Few things can get your dog quite as primally excited as a meaty treat. So obviously a festive dose of delicious treats is always in order. Absolute bites come in a variety of twists, be it kangaroo ribs, tender veal or lamb sinew. Your dog will absolutely relish them and the best part: he will be occupied with one of these for a good 15-20 minutes and will be completely sated with one (or a few, if he’s a big dog)

Click Here to get two massive portions of Absolute Bites of your choice at a cool Christmas 30% off-price for $50.


7. Dogbrella:

Unglamorous though it is, the dogbrella is definitely not to be overlooked. A handy, useful tool to have, more so in the tropics, the dogbrella boasts a snug fit and adorable ooh-aahs from all over. They’re Available on amazon for $18.


8. Doggie Fountain:

This one comes with a caveat – These aren’t available through any Singapore retail channels yet and hopefully will be soon. Nonetheless, they are a welcome hit among all canines and are likely to be a gift your dog cherishes and uses for the rest of his life. Click Here to check out the official website. The product retails in the US at about $45USD a unit.


9. Hugs Pet Products Chill Mat Comfort Cooling Gel Pet Mat

If your canine is prone to throwing tantrum fits, this is the perfect gift for him, this Christmas. The comforting cool gel mat will get them mellow and chilled out in no time. The pressure activated mat has received rave reviews among dog owners and is on Amazon at a cool price of $24. 保存 保存 保存