6 Ways To Show Love To Your Pet

6 Ways To Show Love To Your Pet

Sep 21, 2021
10 min

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France


There are many ways pets show love to their pet parents. But do you know how to shower your beloved pet with love and affection, and make sure that you get the message across? First, you need to understand some juicy tidbits about your pet’s behavior and how your body language –actions, expressions, and social cues– plays an important role in your pet’s perception and interpretation. Here are simple and easy ways to show your love for your pet:


1. Provide opportunities for your pet to engage in natural behaviors

Even with domestication, there are still canine and feline instincts and behaviors that are still intact and needs to be encouraged.


Feed your dog’s hunting instincts by playing a game of fetch using a ball or stick. Chew toys or squeaky plush toys are also a great trigger for your dog’s hunting instincts.


Kong Air Squeaker Ball Dog toy (3 Sizes)


Satisfy your cat’s natural predatory instincts with interactive teasers. Or pick from a range of catnip-filled toys that simulate prey that would be found in the wild.


KONG Feather Teaser Cat Toy

2. Power of touch

Physical touch is a primal need. Taking time out to cuddle with your pet every day offers several benefits for both of you. Studies have shown that it can improve physical health as touch stimulates oxytocin release from the brain. The hormone is associated with feelings of empathy and trust and is essential to forming a strong bond with your pet. High levels of oxytocin in the body inhibit the production of the stress hormone, cortisol.


Belly rubs, pats to the head, and gently touching your pet’s ears are also expressions of love and affection that your pet will surely enjoy.


Although cats are not as affectionate and showy as dogs, they will still yearn for human touch, cuddles, playtime, and spending quality time to bond with their humans.

3. Feed your pets the best

There are many articles that state that the most expensive food means the best for your pets. But feeding your pets the best does not mean that you have to break your bank. If you think that freeze-dried raw food has lots of benefits but is too costly to feed as a main meal, opt for freeze-dried toppers like Graze NZ Natural Freeze Dried Beef Toppers.


Mealtime shouldn’t be a chore for both you and your pets! For picky eaters, opt for wet food that has a strong savoury smell that will entice them during mealtime! Such options include Monge, Absolute Holistic & Aatas Cat.


Monge Grill Pouches Codfish 100g


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4. Bring your dogs for walks

Dogs are pack animals and they love spending time with you and the rest of the pack, humans and pets alike. Devoting time to play, exercise, and interact with your furry pal are surely something to look forward to. The different sights and sounds of the great outdoors always beckon to your pooch.


The time and experiences that you and your canine buddy have during walks and adventures can go a long way in building trust, connection, and strengthening your bond of friendship. When you’re with your pooch, do give him 100% of your attention. This means doing away with distractions, like phone calls, updating your social media accounts, etc. Just simply putting your phone out of sight can really make your bonding time more enjoyable for you and your canine buddy. Quality time is everything!


Make your walks even better with high-quality accessories, like leashes and collars & harnesses to ensure a fuss-free walking experience! Don’t forget your poop bags!


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5. Treats, treats & more treats!

Who doesn’t love treats?! You can even liken treats for your pets to a pack of chips or a bar of chocolate for us humans. It’s no wonder your dogs or cats are always giving you the “puppy eyes”! Treats are the best and easiest way for us to tell our pets they’ve done something good and we should never deprive them of that! But do keep in mind that all treats should be given in moderation and too much will lead to obesity which will, in turn, cause a multitude of health issues in the future.


If you are like us and can’t resist those puppy or puss-in-boot eyes, pick from healthier and lower-calorie treats such as Absolute Bites single ingredient treats!


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6. Being attuned to your pet’s body language

Being mindful of changes in your pet’s behavior, no matter how subtle they may seem, is a proactive approach to your pet’s health and well-being. Sometimes, certain things or happenings in your pet’s immediate environment cause undue stress and can lead to changes in your pet’s behavior. Taking steps to identify potential stressors and limiting your pet’s exposure to them can do wonders in improving your pet’s temperament and well-being.


A pet that is showered with love and affection is a happy pet. Don’t pass up a chance to say ‘I love you’ to your pet every chance you get.