6 Things To Pamper Your Pet With This Sale Season

6 Things To Pamper Your Pet With This Sale Season

Jun 10, 2022
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6 Things To Pamper Your Pet With This Sale Season

Pampering yourself with the finer things melts away anxiety and tension, but lavishing those luxuries on your pet? That’s just a power move! Pets are the most trusted companions, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with pampering your loyal furry friend every once in a while. They give us everything- from protection to their mere presence.

Here are ways you can show your pet some love and attention:

6 Ways to Pamper Your Dog

1.  Massage Your Dog

Dogs enjoy the love and attention they get from the humans they are closest to. Giving your dog a massage is one way you can show him affection. A simple touch has very positive effects on dogs. Apart from strengthening his immune system, massage is also a powerful way to reduce your dog’s anxiety and stress. It helps increase the circulation of your pet’s blood and other internal fluids.

2.  Give Your Dog a Bath

Spa days are the best. Shampoo, a tub, a towel, and a brush are all you need to bathe your furry friend, but you can go a little crazy and buy him a Yu Peony Blossom Fragrance Spray to give your dog a nice touch of hydration and leave him smelling fresh and floral. Yu Peony Blossom Fragrance Spray is a rich blend of bouquet and peony that leaves your pet pampered and safe. It’s great for in-between baths or as a grooming routine.

3.   Let Your Dog Unwind with a Kong Extreme Goodie Bone Toy

KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy is a great way to relieve stress and enhance relaxation in dogs. It also keeps your pet’s jaws strong and teeth clean. You can stuff this toy with Kong snacks and entice with a bit of KONG Easy Treat.

You can use Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Eggplant Treat Dispenser Dog Toy if your dog is not a heavy chewer. A reward spot in the center of the toy is perfect for stuffing treats to make a solo or cooperative play even more enjoyable.

4.  Treat Your Dog With an Absolute Holistic Grain-Free Salmon Dumbbell Jerky Treats 

Jerky, tasty, and meaty! Absolute Holistic Grain-Free Salmon Dumbbell Jerky Treats is a perfect way to pamper your dog. These crunchy treats are made with lean meat cuts that are carefully flame-grilled to lock in the authentic aromas and rich flavors. Besides, they are 100% grain-free and contain no chicken by-products, preservatives, artificial flavors, allergens, and chemicals.

5.  Gentle Physical Exercise

Make playtime fun again. You can take your dog for a walk or play with him. Fetch games or hide and seek is a great bonding activity with your furry friend. You can play fetch with his favorite toy in your backyard.

Try using Dogit Bomber Ball Toy for golden retrievers. The Dogit Bomber is great for tossing, kicking around like a soccer ball, and tugging. It is made of rubber and reinforced with a polyester coating. What’s more … it floats too!

6.  Give Your Dog a “Pawdicure

Dogs need pawdicures too! Some dogs don’t enjoy paw-trimming, but they will appreciate it later. You can reduce the tension during the process by massaging some Kin+Kind Nose & Paws Moisturizer on his pads and nails to soothe.

Using your choice of nail clippers (Artero Electric Nail Grinder is suitable for smaller and larger dogs), start with one front paw and trim all the nails, including the dew claw. Do not rush; take your time to avoid causing pain and bleeding.

6 Ways to Pamper Your Cat

1.  Give Your Cat a Massage Therapy

Just like humans, cats enjoy a massage as well. It stimulates their nerves, muscles, circulatory, and lymphatic systems, increasing oxygen supply and flushing away toxic elements that cause pain. Massage his cheeks and forehead using circular motions with your little fingers. You can also use the palms of your hands on each side of his face.

2.  Buy Your Cat a Catnip

A squeaky toy or a new rope tug is nice, but buying your cat catnip is a sure way to relieve stress and ensure your kitty enjoys a relaxing and happy state of mind. Your cat will appreciate it if you turn up at home with a Yeowww! Purrr!-Muda Triangle Yellow Cat Toy because they love this special treat.

3.  Create a Comfy Space

Cats love sleeping in comfy places. Offer your cat multiple comfortable areas in the house for napping, resting, or playing. Try Marukan Cooling Cat Bed Pot Shape so that he gets a perfectly cool place to people-watch. You will also enjoy the sight. The mat is self-cooling with no electricity required.

4.  Pamper Your Cat with a Spa Day

You can pamper your cat with a spa day by brushing your cat’s luscious locks using Pawise Grooming Brush to help remove dead hair and matted fur. It also provides a gentle massage that your cat is going to enjoy.

5.  Buy New Toys

Old toys can become boring for your cat. So, it would be best if you got something for him that makes your kitty active and engaged. Bear in mind that cats love toys that they can specifically play with, with you. From interactive games and crackling balls to feather wands and scratches- there are a wide variety of cat-specific toys for your kitty.

6.  Give Your Cat a Pawdicure

Pawdicure is part of the grooming routine. Most cats don’t enjoy it, but you can up your game by giving your cat a treat to relax. Use an Artero Nail Trimmer for Cats to trim your cat’s nails perfectly in a more comfortable way for your cat.