6 Pet Taxi Services in Singapore

6 Pet Taxi Services in Singapore

Sep 22, 2021
6 min

Looking for transportation to send your pet to and from the vet? These pet taxi services give peace of mind to people who love their pets.

1. Fourkids Family Pet Taxi

Founded on 1 August 2015, Dean, the founder has a skills certificate in Pet Care and Management as well as the hands-on daily experience in dealing with her own 4 furkids. She charges a flat rate regardless of distance! You can now have peace of mind knowing that your pet is being transported in her responsible care.

Price: Starts from $25

Contact:Fourkids Family Pet Taxi

2. Sg Pet Taxi

Good to see Mr Donut on board with us again! 🚙💨 We have been in the market since 2007, providing luxurious transport service at affordable rates. Head over to our newly website: www.sgpettaxi.com

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Founded in 2007, Sg Pet Taxi aims to provide a comfortable journey for you and your furkids! In order to show appreciation and support to guide dogs, they provide free transportation for all guide dogs and handlers in Singapore.

Prices: Starts from $40

Contact: Sg Pet Taxi

3. Uncle Loo Taxi

Have you used private pet transport services before? If so, you may have already heard of Uncle Loo! Uncle Loo always ensure that he uphold great hygiene standards at all times – the backseat cover is washed and replaced with a clean one after every use.

Prices: Starts from $40

Contact: Uncle Loo Taxi

4. LuckyPetStyle

Founded in 2016, the founder of LuckyPetStyle has strong passion for animals. LuckyPetStyle uses a 7 Seaters MPV to ensure your safety and comfort – ideal for large groups and families!

Price: Distance based

Contact: LuckyPetStyle

5. PetMate

Known as the ‘Uber’ for pets, PetMate connects pet lovers with local drivers who function as pet taxi to transport their pets! You can book your pet taxi anytime, anywhere!

Prices: Starts from $20

Contact: PetMate

6. Grab

Pets are allowed! More and more Grab drivers tend to be more tolerant of dogs in their cars. Just give your driver a call and double confirm if he or she is fine with pets!

Prices: Starts from $5

Are pets allowed in the taxi Singapore?

While there are no fixed rules allowing or banning pets on taxis, do call the driver or company in advance to check if they are comfortable with having pets in the taxi. Alternatively, choose Grabpet!

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