5 Tips to Spring Clean for Your Pets!

5 Tips to Spring Clean for Your Pets!

Jan 17, 2022
12 min

You need to begin spring cleaning now that spring has sprung! Pet owners can do more than clean their homes from top to bottom during spring cleaning. We can also take a moment to consider refreshing things for our furry friends. It applies to everything. This includes their bowls, beds, and collars. A healthy spring cleaning makes our pets happier and healthier as they have such keen senses of smell.



Here is a list of ways you can clean your home. It’s time to shed some old stuff and make room for the new.



1. Clean Food Storage


Organizing your pet’s shelves as part of spring cleaning is a great idea. Replacing that old kibble that’s been lying around for years is the right thing to do. Discard treats that have exceeded their use-by date. Now is the time to replace them and restock.


Don’t forget to scrub your pet’s container if you’re cleaning out the refrigerator. Leftover food or crumbs are a breeding ground for bacteria and pose a health risk. Make sure to keep pet food and treats in an airtight container. If you don’t have them, you should get them to keep food fresh for a more extended period.


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2. Give your pet a bath


Baths are a favorite activity for many dogs. Cats do love it too, but not nearly as much as dogs do. When you’ve spent the past few months stuck in the bathtub, this might be a welcome relief.


Unless your dog’s coat is excessively greasy, you should bathe him once a month. If that’s not the case, you can bathe him more often, but with a pet or baby shampoo. A dog’s skin can become dry from bathing too often and cause other problems. Since cats can clean themselves well with their tongue and teeth, they don’t usually need to be bathed. However, if they have a messy litter box, a bath may be needed. Cleaning cats usually only requires brushing.


This is the ideal time if you haven’t pampered your dog throughout the year. Your pet’s fur between his paws is essential to watch out for. If it is long, it can be dangerous if he tries to stop suddenly. So, remember to give it a trim! 


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3. Change their bedding


Throw all pet bedding, clothing, towels, etc., into the washer before starting your cleaning job. Disinfect the materials you’re washing with the hottest possible water, and for extra odor suppression, add a cup of vinegar to the fabric softener bin instead of fabric softener. Following these steps will ensure a thorough clean:


  • Clean the rug with a lint brush or vacuum before washing to remove visible hair. Make sure you do this each week if your pet sheds a lot for a hair-free house.


  • Dry it at a low temperature for 10 minutes to soften bedding and loosen stuck hair.


  • Check the label before washing with hot water to help kill germs and pathogens. If you are facing trouble eliminating odors, combine mild, perfume-free detergent with 1/2 cup vinegar or 1/2 cup baking soda.


  • Use a pet-safe dryer sheet to pull off more hair and reduce static electricity. Dry on the heat recommended by the label (the hotter, the better for killing germs).


  • Think about purchasing multiple bedding sets to avoid having to wash your bedding regularly.


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4. Keep their spaces clean


You can use baking soda to absorb pet odors from carpet and other surfaces. Add some drops of essential oil to a salt shaker filled with baking soda and mix thoroughly.


Put it on your pet’s bed and let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Make sure to use the hose attachments to reach every corner and crevice of the house! If you buy a bed that has an easily removable and washable cover, you only have to deodorize the filling.


Make sure to clean the litter box too! Get your gloves on first. You’ve got to clean that litter box! Remove old litter, wash your pet’s litter boxes, and add fresh litter. Don’t forget to clean the lid and scooper. Be sure the box is completely dry before adding new litter.


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5. Clean their toys


Whenever your pet’s favorite toy starts to smell, replace it with new ones or wash them thoroughly! Do not use bleach or borax, and do not use scented dryer sheets. Use an all-natural, unscented detergent, and check for loose parts before returning the jug to its owner. Fabric-based items, such as collars, clothes, blankets, and blankets, are actually to blame for the dreaded “dog stench,” rather than dogs themselves.


Follow the washing instructions on each tag. If there is no tag, don’t worry! Rinsing your pet with pet-safe soap can help. If you want to be perfectly safe, let the toys air dry after washing, even with squeakers and crinkles.


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We hope this cleaning list has inspired your spring cleaning! To remove dust, dander, and allergens build up in the air, make sure you replace your air filter once your house is “spring” cleaned. Eliminating these substances will keep your house smelling fresh.


There’s never a wrong time to do some cleaning. By the time the lunar new year rolls around, you can drive the bad luck away and start fresh!