4 Ways To Give Back With Your Dog

4 Ways To Give Back With Your Dog

Sep 21, 2021
5 min

Many of us own dogs because they bring us joy, companionship and fulfillment that otherwise can’t be achieved. These affectionate animals are lovers and givers by nature, and are capable of impacting lives powerfully “humans and canines alike” if given the right opportunities. Here are some ways you and your dog can help those in need.



1. Become A Fosterer

With many rescue dogs needing a home, becoming a fosterer is a great way to share the love and warmth you and your pup have to offer. Before considering fostering, make sure you can afford the extra time and resources needed when taking in another dog. Though fostering is temporary, it is a commitment that may turn long-term if the fostered dog can’t find a permanent home. If your dog enjoys interacting with others of its kind, this is a great way to provide it with a companion while changing the life of another. 


2. Dog Therapy

For owners with dogs who love human contact and are calm and well-trained, consider enrolling them as therapy dogs under Therapy Dogs Singapore (TDS). Pet-assisted therapy (PAT) involves bringing your dog to visit people of various demographics, though usually those with disabilities, who can benefit from the presence of a loving pup. This is a very meaningful way to not only help others, but also to bond with your pup. Read more about the requirements here. Read more: How To Be A Therapy Dog In Singapore


3. Food For A Cause

There are many pet product retailers working with rescue organisations in an effort to offer their support. Some retailers will donate food or a cut of their profits when a selected product is purchased. This is an excellent way to help shelters without spending any extra time or money. Other retailers have selected products that customers can purchase as a donation to a shelter of their choice. If your pup has a favourite brand that you would like to bless the less-fortunate rescues with, consider this option as a way to give back.


4. Blood Donation

Yes, dogs can donate blood too, and you would be surprised at the need for canine blood donors in Singapore. In 2016, Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group initiated the first official blood donor registry for dogs and cats. In return for their donation, blood donors receive free physical examination and blood tests on donation day, as well as $100 credit as a gratitude gift.