3 Cat Cafes In Singapore

3 Cat Cafes In Singapore

Sep 12, 2021
4 min

Do you love cats? If being in a room full of kitty-cats makes you happy, you should visit these cat cafes in Singapore. Cat cafes are safe spaces for humans and felines to interact and play. They usually have different age restrictions and prices per hour. Generally, children under 12 or 14 must be supervised by adults in the feline cafes, and children under the ages of 4 to 7 aren’t allowed.


1.Neko No Niwa

Founded in 2013, Neko No Niwa is situated in Boat Quay and is the proud owner of a clowder of 13 kittens, rescued by Sam and Sue Lynn, the founders of Neko No Niwa. Neko No Niwa means ‘Cat Garden’ in Japanese. This charming shop-house allows cat lovers to enjoy beverages and desserts as well as the company of cats.

Website: Neko No Niwa


2.Meomi Cat Cafe

Comfortable and cozy, Meomi Cat Café is one of the most recent cat hangouts which is situated in the Kampong Glam area. Despite its small size, Meomi Cat Café is very welcoming and comfortable, with cozy seats and paraphernalia dedicated to all things cat to keep patrons entertained for hours.

Website: Meomi


3.The Cat Café

One of the largest cat cafes in Singapore, the Cat Café charges a flat fee of $15 for you to stay there for as long as you like. Located in the centre of Bugis, it houses up to 20 felines, with special meal times where the customers can actually feed the cats. Filled with ‘cat condos’, toys, and overhead structures, The Cat Cafe is the perfect place for the kitty-cats. Visit this café and watch the cats have the time of their lives!

Website: The Cat Café