11 Shopping Hacks for 11.11 Online Sales!

11 Shopping Hacks for 11.11 Online Sales!

Nov 2, 2021
15 min

The long-awaited 11.11 Supaw sale is right around the corner, and perromart is offering huge deals and discounts on 11.11 deals for food, toys, accessories, and many more! With so many incentives like promo codes, coupons, vouchers and perropoints, there are tons of different ways to get the biggest savings! For the smartest 11.11 shopping planning, we’ve put together some of these must-know shopping hacks. Don’t forget to check out the amazing deals lined up at 11.11 Supaw sale at perromart!


 1. Make Use Of Your Coupon Wallet

As shoppers, we love our coupons! Getting a discount when we check out can sometimes take a large amount out of our spending!

But, sometimes, we are not aware of which coupons we’re entitled to, until we’ve already checked out. Fret not! Here at perromart, we’ve come up with a coupon wallet system to help you keep track of what coupons you’re eligible for. In fact, our coupon wallet is so user friendly that anyone and everyone can use it easily!

Here’s how to use your coupon wallet:

  • When you view your cart, go to “coupon wallet”
  • Copy the coupon code of the coupon you’d like to use – you can find all the coupon codes relevant to your cart available in the coupon wallet.
  • Paste your code at checkout to enjoy the discount!



With our coupon wallet, you’re only one click away from so many awesome deals!


2. Utilize Your “Favourites” List

Your “Favourites” list on perromart is a handy tool, especially during our perromart 11.11 Supaw sale. If you’re still on the fence about whether you should purchase a new treat, toy or accessory for your furry friend, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! You can simply add the products you’re considering about purchasing into your “Favourites” list!

Adding products you’d like to purchase on your “Favourites” list would:

  • Allow you to get a sneak peek of upcoming deals and discounts available
  • You’ll also get a notification when the products in your “Favourites” list has a drop in price! This helps you to get the best deals at the best price!
  • Psst, if you purchase products via your “Favourites” list, under “My Lists”, there’s an exclusive perk as well. Add items to your “Favourites” list to find out what the perk is!


perrobook wishlist

You can find the your “Favourites” list when you click on the “My Lists” tab.

This way, you’ll have a better track of what you want to buy and can prioritize beforehand. Our 11.11 Supaw sale, being the biggest sale of the year, has a wide range of products with the best deals! So, don’t wait till 11th November to compile your list. Be sure to use your “Favourites” to shortlist the items and purchase them later on.


3. Pre-Save Your Card Details

perrobook credit card

Little hacks like pre-saving your card details can be a game changer in this “fastest-fingers”, “first come first serve” game of online shopping, especially when there’s a massive sale happening! You’d be surprised how many awesome deals you could’ve snatched in that time that you were typing your credit card details into your laptop or phone! 

Sign in to add pre-save your card details to grab the best deals at the best time!


4. Look Out For Scams

To avoid falling prey to scams this shopping season, ensure that you’re purchasing from reputable sites such as perromart!

The cheapest deals might not always be the best deals, especially when the website you’re purchasing from contains dubious features and payment channels. Here at perromart, we seek to help our  customer avoid falling prey to such scams. At perromart, we have a  “Price Match Guarantee” function, which ensures that you can purchase safely from us while still enjoying the best deals!


5. Jot Down Any Necessary Notes Beforehand

Do you know how much time you could save when you plan your purchases before hand? SO MUCH! Doing up an 11.11 shopping list before the event itself helps you purchase the items you need quickly before they run out! Aside from planning your shopping list, noting down your pet’s dietary needs, allergies, likes and dislikes can also help you filter out the best deals for your furry friends! 

Another great tool to utilize is our “My Pets” profile page, where you can input your pet’s information beforehand!


6. Do Your Shopping Research Beforehand

Doing a little research beforehand never did anyone any harm! In fact, doing a little research could even help you save a few dollars!

You can search for the lowest prices for certain things during 11.11 Supaw sale. In fact, if you feel like the wait for 11.11 is too long, don’t worry as our 11.11 Supaw pre-sale is actually LIVE NOW, happening till 10th November. 

Additionally, reading the reviews of all items you’re interested in before you purchase can also help you get a rough gage of how suitable the products are for your furry friends!

This will help you make your decision before 11th November, so that you can grab those items on the big day before they run out!  


7. Buy in Bulk

“Good things must share!” Indeed, some bundle deals are more cost-savvy when purchased in a bulk! Gather a group of your closest friends, relatives, neighbors, or colleagues to get the best deals for you and your furry friends!

Discuss with anyone you know who could be interested in the same products as you, and get your game plan ready beforehand! In fact, you could even set up a group buy for our 11.11 Supaw sale!


 8. Plan your Time

perrobook dog laptop

Once you think you’re done with your 11.11 shopping research, it’s time to ensure your shopping availability. Make sure you are not double-booked for the big day!

To the best of your ability, try to focus your full attention on the website so that you don’t miss any deals! With prices changing throughout the day, you should keep track of the exact time the sale for your favorite items begins! Add your favourite items to cart at least 15-30 minutes before the sale begins! This helps you curb any last-minute technical problems that might appear out of nowhere!


9. Get Ready for Plan B

With all the research and planning that you have done before the 11.11 sales, don’t forget to come up with a Plan B, i.e., the alternative or backup plan. Having a backup plan will help you recalibrate quickly when the items you want are sold out. Alternatively, you can drop us a message or give us a call in this situation, and we will do additional stock checks for you!


 10. Grab As Many Incentives as You Can

You can start looking out for deals from our website and noting down flash deals weeks before the big day! Once you have collected all these coupons and perropoints, you can use them to purchase your favorite items at lower prices. Don’t forget to check your coupon wallet for discounts that you’re eligible for!


 11. Start Adding to Your Cart Before 11th November

If you are serious about buying certain items from our 11.11 Supaw  sale, add those items to your cart earlier! Be the early bird that catches the worm! As soon as the deals start, all you have to do is  checkout, and your order will be placed!

perromart’s 11.11 sale is a once-a-year opportunity that is too Supaw (pun intended) to pass up! Be sure to grab all your essential items  from perromart at the best prices to make the most of this huge event! If you follow the perromart’s shopping hacks we just shared, there’s no doubt that you will find the best deals that will save you a great deal of money!

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