11 Best Buys To Spoil Your Dog This 11.11!

11 Best Buys To Spoil Your Dog This 11.11!

Nov 2, 2021
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Starting out as a day to celebrate single-hood, the 11th of November has turned into a 11.11 shopping festival for everyone alike. As the biggest shopping festival of the year, with the biggest, most cost-savvy deals, it’s an event everyone looks forward to! Everyone, including pet parents!

Here at perromart, we love our canines! With 11.11 approaching, we couldn’t be more excited to get our hands on the greatest deals! But, we’ll never forget our trusty companions! This 11.11, perromart is here to help you spoil your canines well with the best deals for treats, food, accessories, cleaning products and more! Let’s find out what are some of these best deals!


This 11.11, we’ll be offering the best deals for pet-parents and pets alike to help you ensure that your furry friend’s nutrition is taken care of! While we know that feeding our pups with the best food is one of the best ways to keep them happy and healthy, good quality dog food can be a little pricy at times. With our 11.11 sale, you can rest assured that you’ll be guaranteed with the most affordable deals across different types of dog food, ranging from dry food, wet food, to freeze-dried food.


In fact, for our dearest pups, we’ll be running a “Buy Large, Free Small” promotion for dry food. With every purchase of a large pack of dry food, you can get a free small bag of food! With this promotion, you’ll only have to pay a low cost for a large quantity of your dog’s favourite food! What a steal, indeed!

Let’s take a look at some of our all-time favourite dog foods available this 11.11 Supaw sale!

2. Huxley and Kent Toys
When it comes to awesome gifts, there’s no way we can forget one of our favourite products- toys! This season, gift your pets with highly durable yet interactive toys for dogs and cats! Huxley and Kent toys are perfect if you have a playful pet at home. Coming in interesting designs to facilitate your pet’s interaction with the toy, Huxley and Kent toys help keep your pets occupied while you're busy.
Huxley and Kent Toys
This 12.12, look out for our 12.12 sale if you'd like to get a great deal out of these toys as they're being sold with a Buy 1, Get 1 Free deal! Spoil your dogs and cats with interactive and durable toys from Huxley and Kent!
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6. Monge Pate Wet Food 
Made with natural ingredients, without colouring agents or chemical preservatives, along with premium-quality raw materials carefully selected for each recipe guarantee, you can rest assured that Monge Pate Wet Food is the best choice for your pup.  The soft and tasty chunks of tender chicken cooked in the oven will definitely make your dog hungry for more!
Monge Fresh 100g Lamb Pate Tray
16 FOR $17.60
This BFCM sale, we're offering an awesome deal of 16 packs at the cost of only $1X.60
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7. Orijen Six Fish Dog Dry Food
Another pup-ular favourite is the Orijen Six Fish Dog Dry Food. The Orijen Six Fish Dog Dry Food comes in 4 different sizes, allowing you to choose according to your dog's dietary needs. The Orijen Six Fish Dog Dry food provides a protein-rich, nutrient-balanced diet, and contains Omega fatty acids which contribute to healthier skin and coat. It's also brimming with meat, organs, and bone from whole, wild-caught fish, so your dog is getting everything they need in order to thrive.
ORIJEN Six Fish Dog Dry Food
This Black Friday, you can purchase the ORIJEN Six Fish Dog Dry Food with a promotional Buy Large Free Small deal! Be sure not to miss these wonderful deals!
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8. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Salmon
Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Canine dry dog food contains fish protein and boasts a grain-free formula with sweet potatoes, providing highly digestible energy for your sensitive dog. Made with real smoked salmon, this formula offers a taste sensation like no other. Supplemented with vegetables and fruits, this fish and potato formula delivers antioxidants to help give your friend a healthy lifestyle.
Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream with Smoked Salmon Dry Dog Food
This BFCM sale, receive a free small pack of dry food for your precious pup when you purchase our Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Salmon!
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3. Heka Grain-Free Salmon, Potatoes & Peas Dog Dry Food
Heka Grain-Free Salmon, Potatoes & Peas Dog Dry Food is made with limited ingredients, along with a meat content of 23%, Heka Grain-Free Salmon, Potatoes & Peas Dog Dry Food is highly suitable for dogs with food sensitivities.  Heka Grain-Free Salmon, Potatoes & Peas Dog Dry Food is also made out of high content of natural herbs such as Chicory, Nettle, Fennel, Chamomile and Caraway, and contains Omega-3 acids which provides better joint mobility and helps boost the immune system. Made of hydrolyzed protein, with a lower fat content of 8.5% , Heka Grain-Free Salmon, Potatoes & Peas Dog Dry Food reduces the risk of allergies and is perfect if your pup suffers from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or food allergy. 
Heka Grain-Free Salmon, Potatoes & Peas Dry Dog Food
This 11.11 Supaw sale, you can get a surprise FREE gift when you purchase our Heka Grain-Free Salmon, Potatoes & Peas Dog Dry Food!
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4. Primal Freeze Dried Canine Pork Nuggets
Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets allows you to give your dog all the benefits of a raw diet in a convenient freeze-dried form. Primal offers a large variety of flavours, from chicken, beef, lamb and more, with pork being one of the most popular choice of flavour.  The variety of ingredients mimics what the diet of animals in the wild are in a superior bio-available composition. It's grain and gluten-free, and doesn't contain any corn, wheat, or soy, making it great for dog's with sensitivities.
Primal Freeze-Dried Canine Pork Nuggets 14oz
As part of our 11.11 Supaw sale, you can purchase any Primal Canine nuggets at the special bundles! Primal freeze-dried nuggets are going at 1 CTN AT $189.90, 3 CTNS AT $509.90, 6 CTNS AT $999.90! If your dog's a massive fan of Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets, this is a deal not to be missed!
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6. Absolute Bites 100 % Natural Real Veal Spare Ribs
To preserve their natural flavor and nutrition, the Absolute Bites Veal Spare Ribs is air dried slowly. This method ensures that when chewed, the Real Veal Spare Ribs will not splinter. With this treat, there's also minimal processing, which is beneficial for dogs that are allergic to additives and flavourings. These treats are also easily digestible, and is ideal for keeping your dog's teeth clean by reducing tartar buildup.
Absolute Bites 100% Real Veal Spare Ribs Dog Treats 280g
ANY 5 FOR $111
This 11.11 Supaw sale season, you can get your hands on these delicious and nutritious treats for your dogs at a promotional deal of any 5 for $111.
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8. Absorb Plus Charcoal Pee Pads
Other than making sure our pups are having the time of their lives, dog owners should also ensure that they're clean and well-groomed for maximum comfort. This 11.11, we're offering great deals on pet cleaning products as well! Absorb Plus Charcoal Pee Pads Absorb Plus Charcoal Pet Sheets are perfect for training or assisting aging dogs to relieve themselves indoors. Absorb Plus Charcoal Pet Sheets are made with eco-friendly 100% biodegradable surplus materials. Absorb Plus Charcoal Pet Sheets contain activated charcoal & bamboo in the pee pads, eliminating urine odors and lasting up to 96 hours. It's the perfect solution if your dog's urine has a strong odour.
Absorb Plus Charcoal Pet Sheets
8 FOR $99
This 11.11 Supaw sale, these Absorb Plus Charcoal Pee Pads are going at the exclusive price of 8 for $99. Hurry and add them to your "favourite" list now!
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10. Super Dry Pee Pad
Another great choice of pee pads is Super Dry. As the name suggests, this line of pee pads comes with a fast absorption rate and a 5-layer leak proof protection,  keeping your floor free of pee. This line of pee pads also has a non-skid bottom to prevent the pee pad from moving and causing a mess. Its locking pulp and absorbent polymer allows it to dry quickly too so that you don't have to keep changing the pads! As part of our 11.11 Supaw sale, you can get 50% off when you purchase our Super Dry Pee Pads!
Super Dry Ultra Absorbent Dogs Pee Pad
10 FOR $XX
This Black Friday, our Pee Pads are also going at the exclusive price of 10 for $XX!
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10. NHV Tumeric Supplements For Pets
Along with cleaning products, another important part of our pet's wellness is healthcare. Vitamins and supplements helps us to ensure that our canine friends are in the pink of health, and prevents them from falling ill. Healthcare products are also part of the 11.11 Supaw sale! NHV Tumeric Supplements For Pets Turmeric extract has anti-inflammatory and nutritive properties that increases overall vitality while helping support a variety of health conditions such as cancer, heart, and arthritis. Simply add this to your dog's food to improve your pup's health. Here at perromart, the NHV Tumeric Supplement is sold at the best price guaranteed! Get one for your dog to improve its health!
NHV Turmeric Supplement for Pets 100ml
Here at perromart, the NHV Tumeric Supplement is sold at $54.90! Get one for your dog to improve its health!
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With that, we’ve summed up 11 of our favourite products and best buys for pup- pawrents this 11.11 Supaw sale. Aside from the products mentioned above, we’re also having more exclusive deals coming to you soon! Be sure to catch our 11.11 SUPAW LIVE SALE on 11th November from 8pm-9pm for more of these exclusive, Supaw sale! RSVP now!

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