11 Best Treats To Spoil Your Dog This 11.11!

11 Best Treats To Spoil Your Dog This 11.11!

Nov 2, 2021
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Here at perromart, we love our canines! With 11.11 approaching, we couldn’t be more excited to get our hands on the greatest deals! But, we’ll never forget our trusty companions! This 11.11, perromart is here to help you spoil your canines well with treats and snacks that are not only delicious, but nutritious as well! 

Treats – they’re one of the things that’s always on your pet’s mind! Can you blame them though? It’s just like us hoomans thinking about our guilty food pleasures to get us through the week! One of the ways we’re able to let our pets know that we love them and dote on them is by giving them treats! Treats are a great way of enriching/ enhancing our relationship with our pets.

Aside from strengthening our bonds, treats are also a great way to reward your pet for doing something right! This 11.11, we’ve narrowed down the vast variety of treats to our top 11 favourites, so that you can rest assured and reward your pet right. With so many types of treats, we’ve also broken down our top eleven treats into relevant categories. Let’s find out which treats made the top 11!

Single Ingredient

Single ingredient treats, as the name suggests, refers to treats made out of one single ingredient. These treats are usually freeze dried or air dried, with minimal processing. Hence, single ingredient treats contain little to no additives, flavouring and preservatives and are what we’d recommend to dog owners as the healthiest type of treats. When it comes to single ingredient treats, one of the brands that we’d recommend is Absolute Bites.

Absolute Bites is so Pup-pular amongst our canine friends that it holds up three spots in this list! Let’s find out which three Absolute Bites products made the list!

Absolute Bites Air Dried Deboned Chicken Breast Dog & Cat Treats 500g

Absolute Bites Himalayan Yak Dental Sticks Dog Treats (5 Sizes)
Absolute Bites Freeze Dried Chicken Pet Treats 70g

10. NHV Tumeric Supplements For Pets
Along with cleaning products, another important part of our pet's wellness is healthcare. Vitamins and supplements helps us to ensure that our canine friends are in the pink of health, and prevents them from falling ill. Healthcare products are also part of the 11.11 Supaw sale! NHV Tumeric Supplements For Pets Turmeric extract has anti-inflammatory and nutritive properties that increases overall vitality while helping support a variety of health conditions such as cancer, heart, and arthritis. Simply add this to your dog's food to improve your pup's health. Here at perromart, the NHV Tumeric Supplement is sold at the best price guaranteed! Get one for your dog to improve its health!
NHV Turmeric Supplement for Pets 100ml
Here at perromart, the NHV Tumeric Supplement is sold at $54.90! Get one for your dog to improve its health!
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11. Absolute Plus Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil
Coconut oil gently elevates metabolism, and provides a higher level of energy and vitality for your dog. The organic, raw virgin coconut oil by Absorb Plus shields your dogs from illness, and speeds up the process of recovery. As a bonus, coconut oil can improve your dog's skin and coat, as well as digestion, and reduces allergic reactions. 
Absolute Plus Organic, Raw Virgin Coconut Oil
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Another popular treat choice amongst our canine friends, who seem to enjoy meaty and protein packed treats, is none other than- Jerky! Jerky is essentially lean trimmed meat that has been cut into strips and dehydrated. Aside from being absolutely delicious to canines, jerky also helps promote our pets’ dental health by removing plaque. For jerky treats, some popular brands have made it to our final list, which includes:

Wanpy Oven-Roasted Duck Sausages Dog Treats (2 Sizes)

Absolute Bites Freeze Dried Chicken Pet Treats 70g

Vitakraft Beef Strips Dog Treats 80g

Absolute Holistic Caviar Bisque Chicken & Fish Roe Dog & Cat Treat 60g:

  • You heard it right! Your beloved pup can now dine like a king, enjoying top grade products made with caviar and fish roe! Try out Absolute Holistic’s Caviar Bisque Chicken & Fish Roe Dog treat and spoil your pet like never before! They truly are “living the good life”!

When giving your dogs treats, there’s another important consideration aside from tastiness- nutritional value. One of the most common types of treat that comes to mind when we talk about nutrition is definitely freeze dried. Freeze drying, or lyophilisation, refers to a process that preserves raw ingredients to deliver a dehydrated version of the original for easier storage. To meet the palate and nutritional requirements of all canines, processing of raw ingredients seem inevitable. However, freeze dried treats are exposed to minimal processing, hence locking in the nutrients of the raw ingredient. As a result, freeze dried treats is another healthy option that’s highly beneficial for canines. Some honorable mentions for freeze dried treats include: 

  1. WOOF Venison Freeze Dried Dog Treats 50g
  2. Small Batch Freeze Dried Turkey Hearts Dog & Cat Treat 
  3. love ’em Beef Liver Treats for Dogs (2 Sizes)

When we’re thinking about the health and nutrition of our dogs from treats, how could we forget one of the most crucial aspect- dental health! Dental health is the very first step to keeping our pups healthy, as the mouth is where our input starts. Dental issues such as gum disease and plaque buildup can cause imminent harm to our dogs. 

Rewarding our dogs with dental chews might just be the solution to your troubles! Killing two birds with one stone, if I may say. Dental chews help your pups work out those jaw muscles for a killer jaw line. Just kidding! Jokes aside, dental chews really do help build your pup’s jaw strength and remove harmful plaque, keeping your pup’s teeth sparkle clean! One of the great brands known for their dental chews is Happy doggi dental! 

Joining Happi Doggi Dental on the forefront of dental chews is none other than Absolute Holistic. Absolute Holistic produces dental chews in so many flavours, from berries, peanut butter to even bubble tea! Now you can share the love for bubble tea with your pup! Hashtag BBT4LIFE. 

Now that we’ve summed up our recommendations for dog treats, we hope that you’ll be able to come to a decision and not only reward, but bond with your beloved pet! Don’t forget to check in for great deals at perromart this 11.11!